Daily TRON SR Ranking 4/28

On April 12, Justin Sun, founder of TRON, published his “Letter to the TRON Community: On Super Representatives Elections.” The announcement states the first election for June 26, 2018, where 27 “SRs” will be elected. This will be the start to building a community with free general elections.

In the letter, Sun states there will be 27 Super Representatives elected that will represent over 1 million users. The “SRs” will provide calculation and verification for the TRON network. The 27 SRs will get a total of 1,009,152,000 TRX each year.

After the Letter to the Community was published, many big players in the industry announced that they will be running in the SR Elections, e.g. Antpool, who produces 16.53% for the world’s computing power; Gifto, with 35M users. Based on my research, there are already eleven influential communities onboard, not including KOLs.

As a longtime TRON supporter, I think these SRs will be a crucial part of the TRON ecosystem, and thus the best SRs possible should be selected. I will be doing a daily ranking and assessment of candidates who have made public their intention to run, which will hopefully be a useful reference for voters.

On April 16, TRON announced the TRON Super Representatives Guidelines.

These Guidelines listed 8 requirements to become an SR. I added two other important evaluation criteria: plans to expand hardware capacity and SR Election promotion efforts, totally 10 criteria.

Tron SR Ranking Scoresheet

Each criteria = 1 point. If criteria is met, +1 point. If criteria is not met, +0 points. Since SR election promotion efforts can be subjective, the point range for that criteria will be from 0.1–1 point. Since some candidates have not publicized their information, this will not be an exhaustive list of all candidates in the running. I will add more candidates as their information becomes public.

On April 28th(UTC+8), The documents submitted for the TRON super representative Election include Genesis Capital, FreeSpaceWifi, and Bitcoinworld. data submitted by AlphaCoinFund wasn’t sufficient so it cuased a lower score. Genesis Capital, Bitcoinworld and AlphaCoinFund did not pass the nodes test; KOL and Rancho Santa Fe added 1 point by updating company information in the community updates. If there are candidates who think that I wasn’t fair in a rating of propaganda could leave messages in form of screenshot in the forum and provide sufficient evidence. I will supplement it after confirmation.

The ranking only includes candidates that have publicized their information: Bitcoin God, Next Genius, Game.com, Odyssey, LinkVC, Bixin, KOL: Zhu Yuanyuan, Antpool, Read, Cobo, RightBTC, MDT, Sesameseed, GSC, Lianjinshu, Team Tronics, CryptoDiva, GIFTO,Genesis Capital, FreeSpaceWifi, Bitcoinworld, AlphaCoinFund

Candidates who have expressed intent to run but have not yet submitted information: Node Capital, GIFTO, TFUND, BEECOOL, DAC

The about ranking system is based on publicly available information and represents my own opinions. I hope this helps as a reference for all the TRON voters out there, and any comments are greatly welcomed!

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