Great Voyage: TRON 4.0 Telegram Campaign

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Join our Telegram group and share a prize pool of 50,000 TRX!

For our next campaign, we’d like to welcome you to Telegram! We are now launching a campaign where all eligible users can share a prize pool of 50,000 TRX by joining our Telegram group during a limited period of time. The campaign starts from 4:00 24/6/2020 to 4:00 7/7/2020 (UTC).


The total 50,000 TRX rewards come in two parts:

Reward One: The first 500 participants to join the campaign share 25,000 TRX.

Reward Two: Participants can also invite friends to earn points; the top 100 users by points can win a proportional share from a prize pool of 25,000 TRX based on their contribution in the total points earned by the top 100.

Participants may earn both rewards; rewards will be distributed within two weeks after the campaign ends.

How to participate:

  1. Join the Telegram group:
  2. In the group, start a private conversation with bot @tronnetworkENBot
  3. Follow Justin Sun’s Twitter: @justinsuntron
  4. Provide your valid TRON wallet address to receive rewards
  5. Invite friends to this group.
  6. Get TRX rewards

Terms and Conditions

  1. The campaign is for the TRON English Telegram group only. Users who quit the group after joining it or unfollow the twitter account will be disqualified from the rewards;
  2. Existing users found to have exited and re-joined the group will be disqualified to claim rewards
  3. Anyone who is found using multiple fake accounts to take part in the campaign will be immediately disqualified from any reward and his/her Telegram and Twitter accounts will be permanently blocked and banned from participating in any TRON-held prize-winning event;
  4. Each user is allowed to use one Telegram account and one Twitter account respectively;
  5. Participants of the campaign must provide a valid TRX receiving address. TRX rewards will be sent to the addresses provided by participants after the campaign ends;
  6. TRON reserves the right to disqualify any user who is known or suspected to have cheated or violated the rules;
  7. All rewards will be distributed within 14 days after the campaign ends;
  8. If you would like to participate in the campaign or have any question, feel free to join the TRON English Telegram group at
  9. TRON reserves the final right to interpret the rules of this campaign.

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