Ordinary People Do Extraordinary Things — 2019 Q1 TRON All-Hands Meeting

As of 2019, TRON is already a company with two teams of 100 and 200 people in San Francisco, US and Beijing, China. After a quarterly in-depth sharing with the TRON US team, Justin Sun called a quarterly all-hands meeting with the Beijing team on May 6th. In the 4-hour long meeting, Justin reviewed the history of TRON, talked about the opportunities and challenges TRON is facing, and proposed the goals yet to be completed in the coming quarter.

At the meeting, “ordinary people who do extraordinary things” was repeated several times in Justin’s speech. This line stemmed from the early days of the Alibaba Group, and it is also an accurate depiction of TRON’s story. Justin hopes to include this classic line in TRON’s corporate value. This is not only a tribute to pioneer enterprises like Alibaba, but also a demonstration of the goal and determination of dedicated employees at TRON.

Justin says, “TRON is a Chinese company that is going out to embrace the world. We aspire to become companies like Alibaba Group or ByteDance (famous for TouTiao or Today’s Headline app) whose products are used by people all over the world. But the road to success is not straight-forward. In the global market, a Chinese originated company will need to make more efforts and overcome more obstacles to be successful. But how do we subvert the public’s perception? The only way is to make products that are at lease five times better than those of others, and double our efforts in addition. In this way, we can get ahead in the game by over 10 times and start to get recognition.”

Chinese startups are no strangers to these difficulties in the global market. Of course, TRON is not an exception since its inception.

Speaking of ordinary people who do extraordinary things, Justin said: “TRON represents Chinese blockchain companies. Many of our employees came from famous enterprises like Baidu or Alibaba. However, compared with employees at other world’s leading blockchain companies who graduate from universities such as Harvard or Yale, we still have a long way to go. But who said ordinary people are confined to ordinary work? Even in challenging environment, ordinary TRON people have made so many remarkable achievements. I am most pleased and proud of you. That is why I think the idea of “ordinary people who do extraordinary things” should be incorporated into our company’s value.”

Another factor that contributed to TRON’s sound development is a constantly improving ecosystem network since day one. During the meeting, Cong Li, head of the TRON developer community and Marcus Zhao, director of the public chain department at TRON, shared the hard work of the technical team in the public chain competition.

“Since January 2018, the whole technical team of the public chain has been working around the clock — still typing up codes when interviewing candidates. Once I was taking a taxi home late at night, the taxi driver was even jokingly saying that I should just be working as a taxi driver — we work late hours anyways. What’s behind this joke is the hardships of startup companies. It was also a rough patch when we were building up our teams and departments: at first, TRON did not have a strong technical edge for the market, and therefore could not easily hire new people. With mostly part-time employees, everyone still worked so hard that the TRON ecosystem became better and better; just like what you are seeing today: there has been constant updates of the TRON MainNet, and our newly released Sun Network scaling solution! With the joint efforts of the whole team, the overall TPS and the efficiency of smart contract execution at TRON will be gradually improved. We are also expecting more DApps on the TRON MainNet!”

In less than two years, TRON has completed the process from zero to one, and from TOKEN to COIN. In the global blockchain market, TRON currently ranks the 11th by market cap — previously 7th. As TRON is gaining more recognition, and seeing growing amount of block height and community members, TRON is earning more exposure from global media, and we have gained more than a million followers on both Chinese and overseas social media. We can say it proudly that TRON has the most followers on social media among blockchain companies!

TRON has indeed achieved in a short period of time what would have taken 10 or 20 years for other companies to achieve: from Peking University to Pennsylvania, from a poor student to making his first pot of gold, Justin Sun and his TRON empire are not built in one day. Prior to returning to China and starting TRON, it took constant trial and error to accomplish what TRON is today.

In this journey, there were products that you have never seen like Two APP and Helpcredits, and products like Coinissuer that Justin would jokingly refer to as a “genius idea”. Be it known or unknown, these products are a reflection of the high intensity and constant brainstorming of our team. Following these products, the Callme (Peiwo) App is a relative success; but of course, any venture is a combination of risks and challenges: just when everyone thought that Callme was experiencing a down time in the market three years ago, Justin’s decision to open the live streaming channel has turned the corner for this social product ever since. As you can see today, Callme remains one of the best in the entire social product market. It is never easy to start a business; it is the uncompromising effort of Justin and the team with continuous product iteration that paves a smooth path to success without unnecessary detours for TRON, and that’s why we are going a lot faster than other startups of the same type!

In the battle of public chain and DApps, the TRON team has seized every opportunity and eventually stood out. Compared with our competitors, we may not have as many members with glorious academic backgrounds and experiences. But as ordinary people, the TRON team has challenged themselves to work the extraordinary, proving that ordinary people can achieve an extraordinary career!

With Justin’s leadership and the hard work of everyone at TRON, we have every reason to believe that TRON is an extraordinary company that can make history! Just as the theme of the meeting goes: ordinary+hard work+efficiency=extraordinary!

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