TRON Developer Guide — Super Representatives



Token Holder Categories


Rewards Calculation

Blockchain Explorer

Super Representative Application Process



freezebalance password 10,000,000 3    // 10 TP for 10 frozen TRX
votewitness password witness1 4 witness2 6 //4 votes for witness1 and 6 votes for witness2
votewitness password witness1 3 witness2 7 // 3 votes for witness1 and 7 votes for witness2

Freezing/Unfreezing Balance

Why are Tokens Frozen?

Freeze/Unfreeze Mechanism

freezebalance password amount time
amount: the unit of frozen balance is sun. The minimum balance frozen is 1,000,000 sun, or 1 TRX.
time: frozen duration lasting from date of freeze and date to unfreeze is 3 days.

Create Proposal

Approve Proposal

curl -X POST -d '{"owner_address": "419844F7600E018FD0D710E2145351D607B3316CE9","proposal_id":1,"is_add_approval":true}'

Delete Proposal

curl -X POST -d '{"owner_address":"419844F7600E018FD0D710E2145351D607B3316CE9","proposal_id":1}'

Query Proposals

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